2 comments to “Conversations: An Angels Sin”
  1. Some other references are Luke 10:18 and Rev. 12:7-12. Jesus says He saw satan “fall like lightning”. No doubt a seraphim (which means “burning one”-the seraphim are the highest of the angels and “burn” because of their close proximity to God (see Isaiah 6:1-7) and satan was, according to Church tradition, a seraphim) falling from heaven would resemble lightning. As to point 2, a wise Steve Tonkin once said that the angels made a choice at that point of the war in heaven: side with God or satan. Those that remained obedient do so for eternity and cannot sin. This makes sense as how can a perfect God have anything to do with sin? Could those that minister to Him in close proximity have sin within them and still be able to serve? This example provides at least one exception to Romans 3:23. =)

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