Phelps Still At It…

I photographed the following protest by Fred Phelps and his posse, when they came to my church a while back… It’s repulsive, and makes you want to just spit.


Below is an article that will give you some background on the group…

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Fred Phelps is the preacher at Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. He runs two websites: God Hates America [] and God Hates Fags []. Rev. Phelps and his congregation (largely composed of family members) preach hate towards almost everyone, but the brunt of their malevolence is towards homosexuals. The Westboro Baptist Church Gang has protested at the funerals of Matthew Shepard and Al Gore, Sr. They frequently visit towns across the country to picket progressive churches and communities, carrying signs that read “NO TEARS FOR QUEERS”, “GOD HATES FAGS”, “THANK GOD FOR AIDS”, and other equally repugnant phrases.

Below, is a very interesting (and very lengthy) article written about Reverend Fred Phelps. It details how he became the monster that he is now. Much of the information in this article is given from two of Phelps’ own children, who have left their father’s cult.

* Note that the first part of the article is an introduction and is not very interesting reading. If it seems tedious, skip to the second page. It is much easier reading after this point.

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  1. I ran across this quote and sent it out to my peeps as sort of a funny quote. However, after reading this article, it seems to me that Mr. Howe was speaking of Mr. Phelps when he wrote the following…. “Some men are alive simply because it is against the law to kill them.”
    Edward W. Howe. Just a thought….

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