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  1. Jason – Beautiful! Just beautiful! Your Grandmother Powers would be so proud of you as I’m sure your mom is. God has blessed you and those around you.

  2. Jason, I so enjoyed reading this – what a beautiful tribute to your grandmother! A wonderful tribute to our Lord – He deserves our highest praise.

  3. Son, what a wonderful message to share, Thank You! Isn’t it amazing
    what that “Grand Weaver” is capable of doing in our lives, if we just
    make ourselves available to Him? I know that Mamaw would be proud of you
    and so humbled at the same time.

  4. Jason, that was a most beautiful tribute to Mamaw. She would have been so flattered by your writings and the glory given to God (the Potter). I’m so proud of you & all your accomplishments, you are doing great things. Thank you for sharing & remembering, this was a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift.
    Love & God Bless,

  5. Yes Jason, very beautiful! Death really does make you think. Faced with death this last week, I have had much opportunity to ponder all sorts of things. It’s hard to believe and accept when someone we know is here one day and then gone the next. The inability to control or change the situation is difficult. We want to talk with them and see them again but we just can’t. It’s so easy to go through life getting caught up in all of our day to day affairs and taking for granted that our loved ones will always be there when we get around to fitting them into our busy schedule. But the thing is that they will not always be there. And neither will we. Do we wait until the last minute to let people know how important they are? Do we put off spending time with them, taking an interest in their lives, giving them a word of encouragement, helping them, or just telling them we love them? “I’ll get around to it”, “Maybe tomorrow, or next week,” we often say. But life ends in an instant. And once it does, there’s no going back. The biggest question I have been asking myself this last week is this: Am I truly living my life according to God’s priorities…or mine? For God to fashion us into something beautiful and wondrous, we must first be attentive to HIS instructions. And when we see his perfectly timed and precise nods, and promptly move the shuttle, we will be able to touch the lives of others in abundant ways with the love of Jesus Christ, and also come to know for ourselves a life that transcends death. Who and what are we living for??? I don’t want to miss the boat.

  6. Thanks Kipp, Mom is finally in a place of no more suffering with our Lord. I know all that had the fortune to know her through her life were truly blessed. Thanks for the rememberance. May God Bless, Love Steve

  7. Well put my friend. I am sorry to hear about you Grandmother, God bless her. I understand what your saying, in my experiences of duck an goose hunting, outdoorsmen alike say that waterfowl bring the change of the seasons. When they migrate thousands of miles southward even in the dark of night with some sort of un-canny navigation guiding them, we know that fall is coming, and when they migrate back from Mexico to Canada we say they bring spring with them. This is the lifecycle of waterfowl. As an outdoorsman I have the priveledge to see and appretiate this wonder, such as Sandhill cranes they are a sight to see there organic flight formations, and the sound of there calls is like a distant orchestra, which only occurs a few moments a year in Colorado, and if you get a chance to capture the moment you are truly blessed. What I am trying to say is certain moments in each individuals life makes them realize how precious life truly is and how short it is.

    We might associate certain animals with certain occurances, and believe them to be true with the depths our hearts, but the important thing is Life itself. As the Stork brings life, and the Crow takes life, be happy to be part of new life when it enters our world, and cherish and remember the good times and memories of those we knew, as there life has been taken from us. It is our jobs to continue someones beliefs, so in this manner they truly live on forever in our minds and in our hearts.

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