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This created a good discussion on an old blog of mine, so I’m moving it here….

I’ll have a response on my view after a few initial comments….

One question, what do you think?

Once Saved, Always Saved


We Can Lose Our Salvation

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  1. “Even to those will I give my house and within My walls a place and a name better than of sons and of daughters: I will give them an everlasting name that shall not be cut off [ISA 56:5].

    And I give to them eternal life: and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of My hand. My Father, Who gave them Me, is greater than all and no man is able to pluck them out of My Fathers hand [JOH 10:28, 29].

    This last verse says that no Christian will ever perish, and that they cannot be plucked out of His hand. Need anything more be said?”

    Posted by Sherry

  2. “In spite of people’s willingness to “prove” their case in a question like this, I believe that no matter how many Bible verses we quote to fit our needs/argument, we don’t even know if our definition of salvation is correct to begin with.

    To imply that only one or the other answer to your question is correct also implies that everything in the question makes sense, and that for some reason it is important enough to ponder. I didn’t grow up caring whether I was “saved” or not so maybe I place less focus on it but I constantly find myself asking why people care so much about always saved/lost salvation that they would staunchly defend it rather than spend their time in more constructive pursuits.”

    Posted by T.D. Newton

  3. “Well i will propose a question. Lets say you are a Christian and have accepted Christ as the saviour. Yet later on in life you denounce Christ. Maybe i am a bit rusty on the bible but isnt that the “unforgivable sin” that is mentioned? what then?”

    Posted by Motta

  4. “The sad thing is that a lot people believe they choose to be a Christian, but that after they choose that, they lose all choice in the matter. Doesn’t make sense at all. So many stories Jesus told tell of someone going away (not just backsliding, which is the usual response), but losing the rights of a follower. A seed that grows and then dies. So many things. Hebrews says though that if you do choose to step away, it’s not something you can get back, so in a way I think both are correct in some way.
    Love this discussion though.”

    Posted by Jeremy

  5. “The question that I think is even more important than “once saved, always saved.”, is what does it mean to be saved? Why are we so concerned about losing something that we may not even have? We have made Christianity way too easy to get! Where is the counting the cost . . . the taking up your cross . . . the suffering is part of the believer’s life . . . the world hating you because you follow Christ?

    If you are truly following Christ, is there reason to doubt your hope?

    Salvation is not something to be “lost” but something to receive. Jesus did not come into this world to play games with us; to play the “take back” game. He came into the world to save those who are willing accept His love and will follow Him. Truly follow Him.

    To say that anything that can be found can be lost is making the presupposition that the receiver is the one who keeps track of the gift. Salvation is not dependent on the receiver (who is a sinful, imperfect, creation). It is dependent on the giver (who is Holy, Perfect, and the Creator of everything).

    Only God can judge the heart of man and therefore, He is the judge of those who are saved. We have nothing to say about who is saved and who is not. I don’t want to sound fatalistic about this subject, but I do think that we mix being religious with following Christ. I know that I do.

    The apostle Paul says that we are to examine our lives, transform our minds, live in the world but not be of it. How are we doing these things? If our actions are the fruit of our salvation, how is it that the church is so similar to the world that even the divorce and pre-marrital stats are the same. Where is the living life differently?

    Your question is a good one, but it starts a little too late. 🙂

    Jason, you got me on a good night! I am getting read to hit the sack. It is 12:40 am. Thanks dude! I miss you! Hope to get to see all of you in July when I come home. Keep it up and I will comment more if this one is not too much.”

    Posted by Alice In Poland!

  6. “If there is such a thing as FREE WILL then I would have to say based on scripture True Christians have the ability, as genuine born again Christians, to reject Christ and lose their salvation…BUT THEY WILL NOT! Why? Because a genuine convert understands the reality of the Cross and embraces it with such a passion that he/she cannot look back. It is the work of Christ himself in the life of the Christian – and that work he will complete. People who say, “Oh, I used to be a Christian but now I’m not.” I can’t say that is true. What they mean to say is, “When I was little, or years ago I prayed a prayer and accepted Christ in my heart, and went to church. But now I left the church for X amount of reasons.” What does Jesus say about that when he speaks in a parable of the seed sown on the different grounds?
    One thing I’m beginning to hate is people provoking non-believers to accept Jesus Christ to live a happy lifestyle. First of all, that’s not even what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about, and secondly who are we to say, “Well, I guess I accept Jesus Christ.” In order to accept a person first that person must become acceptable. When that person becomes acceptable, through your personal judgment, then they are suitable, good enough, okay, all right, satisfactory, tolerable, supportable, endurable, allowable, bearable, reasonable, and meet all your standards. The question is not if Jesus Christ meets all of our standards; if he is acceptable to us – how arrogant. The real question is if we meet all of his standards; are we acceptable to him? We’re not doing him any favors by finding him acceptable or tolerable. Does Jesus accept us? not we accept him. And the answer is yes, only when there is true repentance.
    I conclude with a few thoughts. Over the years the Church has abandoned biblical preaching and has accepted a secret sensitive message to win the world over for Christ; a message that doesn’t offend anyone; a warm fuzzy message filled with jokes, smiles, and happiness. Ever since this secret selective movement began to evolve, pastors noticed its effectiveness as more people attended church. However the staggering rate of “backsliders,” or people abandoning their faith, began to rise in high numbers also. Let it not be a surprise to us that our statistics haven’t changed much – only the Gospel we preach; a Gospel of health, wealth, and happiness in exchange for accepting Jesus Christ. Those believers who have “Accepted” Christ in that sense were never saved; they are dead in their sins. The reason there are so many “backsliders” today is for the simple fact the Gospel is not being preached the way it ought to be. The Gospel doesn’t ask us if we find Jesus Christ acceptable. The Gospel calls us to repentance; a genuine repentance that embraces Christ as Lord and Savior because of what he did – satisfy the justice of Holy and Just God for our sins on the cross, avoiding having to satisfy the justice of our Holy and Just God in hell. Anyone can accept Jesus Christ, but few people repent, and true repentance is the difference between the true believer and the Pharisee.”

    Posted by PVT. GONZALEZ, Ruben, J

    “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path” (Psalm 119:105, NIV).
    As is commonly known, one of the biggest killers of ideas is the excuse, “We’ve never done it that way before.”
    However, profound ideas can come from the strangest places. Creative genius comes to people who are open to new ideas and different ways of doing things. For example, in 1964 the freighter Al Kuwait which was carrying 6,000 live sheep capsized and sank in Kuwait’s harbor. The sunken ship with its decomposing cargo was presenting a serious threat to the country’s water supply through its desalination processing plant.
    To overcome the problem the ship had to be raised and moved to a safe place without falling apart and dumping its poisonous contents into the nation’s water supply.
    Karl Kroyer, a Danish engineer working in Kuwait came up with a novel idea. He pumped 27 million ping-pong balls into the freighter’s hull which slowly raised it to the surface.
    And where did he get this idea? From a Donald Duck comic book. Somebody sank Donald’s boat and he and his feathered friends raised it by filling it with ping-pong balls!
    When it comes to creative living, a better place to get great ideas is in the Bible. It pays to know it and hide its truths in our heart. One’s life is greatly enriched when it is lived in harmony with God’s Will and Word.

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