A World Between…

There are many, many worldviews out there today.  Today’s post-modern has been quite effective in blurring the lines between truth, reality, and what is preferred, or what it would like life to be like.

Man has made efforts time and time again to define God to meet their own personal preferences…
Man has made efforts time and time again to call God whatever they may… to redefine God… reshape God…
Where are the lines anymore?

“What do I like best,” or “What works for me,” are not the questions we should be asking, but rather, “What is true?”
“What’s right or true for me, may not be right or true for you,” is not the statement that our culture should be making.  Truth, by definition, is exclusive.  Only one gets to be right, not all.
But this is the day and age we live in… A World Between…

Please explore around the site and see what you  find, and please feel free to reply, respond and even challenge my views.


“You are free in our time to say that God does not exist; you are free to say that He exists and is evil; you are free to say like Renan that He would like to exist if He could. You may talk of God as a metaphor or a mystification; you may water Him down with gallons of long words, or boil Him to the rags of metaphysics; and it is not merely that nobody punishes, but nobody protests. But if you speak of God as a fact, as a thing like a tiger, as a reason for changing one’s conduct, then the modern world will stop you somehow if it can. We are long past talking about whether an unbeliever should be punished for being irreverent. It is now thought irreverent to be a believer.”
G.K. Chesterton


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