Does Satan Exist?


ABC Nightline aired a debate on the 26th between author and philosopher Deepak Chopra and Bishop Carlton Pearson facing-off against Pastor Mark Driscoll (Pastor of the Mars Hill Church) and Annie Lobert (founder of a Christian ministry “Hookers for Jesus”) on the topic “Does Satan Exist?”
I’ve watched all of it now on the ABC website, and would suggest either watching it when you have a chance.

So, does Satan exist?  What do you think?

There are a hundred different directions I could go with this discussion, but I’ll do my best to stick to the point and keep this relatively short… to start…

Let me start off by quoting Deepak Chopra during the debate: 

“…part of us is called the shadow… a recent idea/development… that believes in sin… it comes from separation from our divine source… we need to understand the nature of our own shadows… we need to confront them… healthy people do not have any need for Satan… they need to confront their own issues, understand themselves, and move towards compassion, creativity, understanding, inspiration, revelation… we are part of a… mystery… the moment we identify this mystery as good or evil, right and wrong, then we create conflict in the world… be done with Satan and confront your own issues.”

The problem here is that he is basically saying good and evil and right and wrong are non-existent, or at least very, very subjective.  From here, he goes on to say that in believing in this we create “conflict” in the world… He is saying that it is wrong to believe in good, evil, right, and… wrong.  Am I missing something here?

Bishop Pearson goes on to say:

“… (I) had tremendous faith in the devil… his powers… his omniscience… his omnipresence… here’s why I cast the devil out… first, I believed… when that thing manifested that I had invented (the devil, and demon possession), I cast it out… I don’t actually believe (now), because I’ve never really seen the devil… I think the best way to get people free (from this idea) is to get them to stop believing so much in (the devil).  That will bring an element of peace.”

The best trick that Satan ever plays is to get people that he doesn’t exist…

Pearson goes on to say,

“God created everything, and all that He created is good… so if God created everything, then what is evil?  Some aspect of good possibly… so it’s confusing to see God with two faces… one loving and one with a customized torture chamber where he’s going to send all your relatives…You believe what you create…”

Pearson was later asked if he could, in fact, pick and choose what he wanted to believe from the Bible, and the good Bishops answer was, “Yes.”

“I do not believe it’s the inspired word of god, but the inspired word of man about God…  The Bible, like the Devil, is something we have put together to try and explain darkness… we cannot prove any of letters to be authentic…” and later talking about the resurrection, “nobody can prove the resurrection… I believe it because I want to believe it…”

Deepak followed up by saying,

“all belief is a cover-up for insecurity… if something is real, you don’t have to believe in it… you should be ale to experience it…”

An audience member came up afterwards and asked Mr. Chopra a wonderful question on his statement, “all belief is a cover-up for insecurity.”  Mr. Chopra was simply asked if he did in fact believe that this was a true statement.  Do you see how his arguments cannot and do not hold up to their own scrutiny?!  Chopra believes his statement to be true, and his statement is that belief is a cover-up for insecurity.  How can this be?!  Chopra has previously said it is wrong to believe that something is wrong… How can this be?!

Chopra, Pearson, Driscoll and Lobert all had a good discussion, brought up good points, and are all well intentioned I believe.  Yes, you are entitled to your opinion… but that is what it is… an opinion.  The question is not really about if it is our opinion that we believe if Satan exists, or if good and evil exist… the real question be, is it true?

What say you?

The Nightline Face-Off aired on Thursday, March 26at 10:35pm (MST). 
Full debate can be viewed at



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