“We all dream.  Each person their own.  Fantasies and realities.  Pleasures and fears.  But each has their own limitations.  One in a thousand  do we ever wake up remembering.  And only a small portion of those will we remember forever.  But what makes us dream?  Some say it is simply subconscious thought.  But really, it is no different than a thought we could come up with while awake.  It is only fascinating to us because it is an unintentional thought. 
We can visualize it better and in a bit more detail.

Dreams within themselves have no limits.  We can dance, we can cry, laugh or play.  We can feel true fear, or true peace. 
We can fall, but we’ll never hit bottom.

But then there are the other types of ‘dreams’.  The hopes of the future.  The questions of reality.  The wishes of things that may never come true.  This is what drives us.  Drives us to live and work and search for something. 
Love.  God.  Companionship.  Friendship.  Feelings.  Guidance.

But these are thoughts.  What unites all we do, say, feel, and dream.  This is the key.  What we grow to allowing ourselves to think, and what we refuse to think.  All trial and error.  But we must never give up.”

~jason k powers~


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