Jumping Off Rooftops

Jumping Off Rooftops

I sometimes find myself wondering what’s next. What’s next? Seasons change for everyone, and so, mine has recently changed as well… hence, the thought.

Several years ago, this type of change would have turned me perhaps bitter at life, disgruntled, upset, lost or the likes. Through a series of events in life, directions I believe God has led me to, people that have come in and out of my life, and even the unexplainable, it didn’t turn out that way for me, thank God. Simply a new chapter in life.

Sometimes life deals us some cards that we aren’t sure what to do with. Sometimes we aren’t sure what direction to go, and it’s scary. It paralyzes us. It immobilizes us. The longer we think about which direction to step, the scarier it gets and the harder it gets to make that decision. We’ve thought about it too long.

I’m reminded of when I was a kid… Me and a friend used to play at his grandmothers house throughout the year. She had a lower hanging roof off the back of the house, with a nice large tree only feet from it. We would climb on the roof and stand on the edge of it and jump out to the tree, grabbing hold of one of the large branches, swinging for a moment, and then dropping to the ground. We had done it a hundred times before, but for some reason one day, I stood at the edge of the roof and looked down and started thinking… “What if I get hurt? What if I miss the branch? What if, what if, what if…” The longer I stood there, the harder it was to talk myself in to jumping. Then, it finally got the best of me, and I turned around and climbed back down the way I came up. I was surprised at myself, because I knew I had done it a hundred times before and for some reason I couldn’t do it this time because I had thought about it too long.

Sometimes, just sometimes, we have to jump. We have to stop thinking so much. We have to stop worrying so much. We have to stop trying to figure life out and have it all nicely pre packaged and defined for our own comfort and assurance before we jump.
Now, mind you, I’m not saying that is the case across the board. Absolutely there are times when one needs to wait. Seek God’s guidance; see what plays out in front of them first, or the likes.

I’ve watched my life change and change over the past several years… I’ve watched things play out that I never would have dreamt of before. I’ve watched God, in retrospect, bring things together in my life that I had no idea would ever happen, but, I’m glad they did. Along side of that, though, I have had things happen in my life that perhaps I would not have chosen to have happened, or that perhaps I may never have the answer as to why it happened, or perhaps just not yet, but you know what? It’s okay. Life is woven together with a million different threads, and during the process we can rarely ever make sense of the design. During the process, we many times think things are such a mess, or we may think it’s too scary to move forward, or we may think we need more information… Perhaps at times I learned the hard way, but eventually, I jumped. But if I never jumped at all, I’d still be in the same place I was years and years ago. Life would never move forward… it would never move onward. I can tell you story after story of people I know who could look back five, ten, fifteen years, and life has never changed… it’s never improved… it’s never any different. It’s the same now as it was years ago, and they wonder why. But you know what? Better late than never.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Let God be that Grand Weaver(1) in your life… Trust Him to weave a pattern that He has planned for you, and you will not be disappointed. You and I both know there are a million different threads woven in our lives. Who would you rather have doing the weaving of a thousand different threads in your life? You? Do you think you know how to weave all of those threads?

My friends, do you feel God leading you in a certain direction? Jump! Are you standing at the edge of the rooftop looking down and thinking and thinking, and you know it’s the right decision to make? Jump. Do you feel that tug at your heart from God, even though you don’t want to believe He is real but every bone in your body is telling you to try and seek Him out? Jump! You know why my friends? Because I believe He is in fact very real and you will find Him. He is in fact standing there along with us, telling us to jump… jump in to His arms… believe in Him… trust Him. Your life will never be the same… but it will be Good.

The Way by Senttt
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(1) The Grand Weaver, Ravi Zacharias: http://store.rzim.org/product/tabid/61/p-65-the-grand-weaver.aspx



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