The Story Of My Life…

I started a form of autobiography you could say… a while back… Here is an exerpt:

So this begins the story of my life….  There is so much to remember.  There is so much I will never forget.  I think back and I remember happy moments in my life that flash in my head like a flicker of light.  I think back and I remember so many things.  Wonderful things and terrible things.  Defining moments in my life; a true love, a death, moments of my childhood that I never wanted to end, a fight, a breakup, a first kiss, great friends, great betrayals, a gun pointed at me, an overseas visit, a depression, my first job, and so much more.  

 I don’t even know where to begin really.  It’s been such a wild ride, and God willing, I’m not even half way through this life.  I’ve known so many people throughout my life; Haters of religion, a murderer, drug addicts, drug dealers, a rapist, thieves, adulterers, a child molester, alcoholics, abusive parents, the spoiled rotten, lesbians, gays, the immensely vain, the divorced, the chronic liars, the suicidal, the rich, the poor, the loving parents, the happily married, the blatantly honest, huge hearted people, Christians, Atheists, Jews, Mormons, and the downright lost.  There have been so many people, from so many walks of life come in and out of mine.

 All of these memories flickering through my mind like a lightning storm in the pitch black night.  It’s there for a moment, and gone the next.  How many more times will I remember these things before they are lost deep inside my mind?  The details fading each moment, like yellow spots in your eyes after an intense flash of light.

Chapter 1
This isn’t about the company I’ve kept, or things I’ve done, right or wrong.  This isn’t about how much I’ve done, or what I haven’t.  There’s a good chance you have seen much more, and been through so much greater.  Maybe you haven’t.  This is a story about the things I’ve seen and the people I’ve known, what I’ve learned and still have to learn in this life.  I’ve seen God work in ways you couldn’t imagine. 

By Jason K Powers


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